Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interactions and relationships

For the Mx (Managing Experience) 2008 conference, I was asked to do a session that addressed the everyday reality that managers of user experience live in, to reflect on that reality, and to share some approaches and ideas for that reality. I decided to focus largely on some of the interactions and relationships that comprise that everyday reality, but particularly those by managers intent on enabling experience research and design to play a strategic role in their companies. I entitled, the presentation, "Interactions and Relationships."

A description of this presentation can be found in my April 2008 posting entitled, "Realities, dilemmas, framings, ..." Here I provide the slides I used, which are rich with provocative insights. Since I've been asked for these slides a lot...

The first 9 slides accompanied introductory remarks that set the context for the presentation. A particularly important slide includes a collage of photos of the managers and executives who made guest appearances at a multi-week course I taught just prior to Mx '08 entitled, "User Experience Managers and Executives Speak." The course was wonderful, as reflected in the glowing course evaluations, and I decided to provide some of my guest speakers with a bigger stage via my Mx '08 presentation.

Slides 10 through 32 were borrowed from my presentation at a little conference in Rome called, "HCI Educators 2008." These slides address challenges experienced by management and non-management experience design practitioners, and you'll find several slides present words of relevance to these challenges from the guest speakers of my course.

The final 33 slides present even more words from the guest speakers -- words of relevance to examples of the ways these managers and executives have framed such challenges in order to address them. Attendees were asked to consider whether such framings would be beneficial in the companies for which they worked.

Enjoy the slides. And my hearty thanks to the managers/executives who "joined me on stage" both during Mx 08 and my course: Jeremy Ashley, Lisa Anderson, Klaus Kaasgaard, Jim Nieters, John Armitage, Christi Zuber, and Jeff Herman.

P.S. The slides AND AUDIO are once again accessible for a related conference session: "Moving UX into a position of corporate influence: Whose advice really works?"

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