Monday, January 17, 2005

Outsourcing & Offshoring: Impact on the User Experience

The extent to which product development is outsourced offshore continues to increase, creating considerable controversy.

What is the impact of this on the user experience (UX)? Can UX research and design be done effectively offshore? Should certain types of this work remain onshore? On what do answers to these questions depend?

At CHI 2005 in April, I'll be moderating a panel which will attempt to answer these and related types of questions. Organized by Liam Friedland and Jon Innes, the panel will feature an array of perspectives: from technology startup to large company; from U.S.-based outsourcing and offshoring of all or only select parts of UX research & design, to full-service design and development done entirely offshore.

What are your questions and experiences regarding this topic? Let me know as I begin to prepare for moderating this important panel.