Thursday, December 30, 2004

the CHI 2005 Development Consortium

User experience (UX) practitioners encounter numerous obstacles to their professional development. Among those obstacles are a large and growing number of professional associations that compete for their attention, involvement, and money.

At the same time and, in part, because of this competition, many of these professional associations are struggling.

What is needed to improve the situation? Increased sharing of resources among UX-related professional associations? More conferences like DUX 2003 and DUX 2005, targeted more directly at the UX practitioner and the joint-product of multiple UX-related professional associations? Development of new, better-targeted professional associations and/or a redefinition of the focus of some of those which exist? Creation of new professional association memberships that are comprised of products and services from multiple associations? Development of a new organization -- think UXnet -- designed to enable increased collaboration and coordination among existing professional associations?

Just prior to CHI 2005 in April in Portland Oregon, I'll be convening a two-day consortium focused on developing answers to these and related questions. Among the expected participants are leaders of many of these professional associations.

The goals of the consortium are to:
  • develop a deeper understanding of the situation and barriers to improving it;
  • examine a mix of potential or partial solutions that have been or are being attempted, or are being considered;
  • examine a mix of (partial) solutions developed for similar problems in other domains;
  • generate new ideas for improving the situation;
  • establish relationships and a roadmap to facilitate problem solution.
If you think you might like to participate, make your way to the consortium's CFP as soon as possible, because submissions for the consortium are due January 3.