Saturday, August 19, 2006

Managing User Experience Groups (second offering starts in October)

I'm excited about offering Managing User Experience Groups beginning in October, our second offering of this 6-session evening course.

In preparation for the course, I've been interviewing more user experience Managers, Directors, and VPs across a wide range of companies. Plus, we are trying to figure out how to fit everything more tidily into the 6 3-hour sessions which span a six-week period. There is so much to cover!

Common user experience group goals include:
  1. get more done;
  2. have what is done not be a waste of time, effort, money, …;
  3. have group and its members succeed and improve/grow;
  4. play a more important role (often/eventually: move earlier in process to play a more strategic role).
In short, the course -- really a "workshop" in many ways -- is intended to help participants achieve these and related goals wherever they work.

As stated in the course description:
"Becoming an effective user experience group manager requires a significant shift from being an individual contributor or managing other types of groups. And thriving as a user experience group manager usually requires addressing significant organizational challenges."
So, if you are in or near the Silicon Valley, and if you:
  • presently manage and/or are in the process of building a user experience group;
  • may in the future build and/or manage a user experience group;
  • lead or manage (in) an organization which includes user experience personnel;
  • or (can) impact how user experience personnel work or are managed,
we'd love to have you join us for this second offering of Managing User Experience Groups.

And if you are a Manager, Director, VP, or Chief Officer of user experience (or some subset or variation thereof) anywhere in the world and might be up for a chat, let me know. I'd love to connect with you.