Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Join us in sponsoring DUX 2005

The response to the DUX 2005 Call for Participation was enormous. So, we are now beginning the thrust of our campaign to invite companies to join us in sponsoring DUX 2005.

We'll be initiating our big PR push for the conference later this month as we publish many more details about the conference program. This PR push will extend up to, through, and even after the conference, but now is the time to join us so to achieve maximum benefit from your DUX 2005 sponsorship.

As stated on the DUX 2005 website:
"Sponsorship of DUX 2005 demonstrates that your organization understands the impact user experience has on business success and identifies your organization as a leader in supporting the development of the practice of designing for user experience."
Hugh Dubberly and Robin Bahr of the Dubberly Design Office are taking the lead in inviting companies to join us as sponsors. Multiple sponsorship packages have been pre-designed to facilitate sponsorship discussions, but feel free to propose deviations from those. You can contact Hugh and Robin via

We hope your company will choose this way to become an important and highly visible part of the premier conference for user experience practitioners.