Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stellar DUX 2005 tutorial lineup

Six outstanding tutorials will be offered on day 1 of the three-day Designing for User eXperience 2005 conference.

Marc Rettig returns to DUX to lead a workshop on tools for analyzing and understanding the layers of human experience, a prerequisite for successful design.

Steve Portigal, whom I referenced in a related blog entry ("Done any good improv lately?"), will offer a tutorial about improv, ethnography, and innovation, and how the three fit together.

How to choose high-value, high-impact Web development projects will be a part of the focus of a tutorial presented by Janice Fraser on the ROI of user experience and the context of UX practice.

Shelley Evanson will provide instruction on designing for service; Mark Baskinger will teach methodologies of hand-generated visualization; and Brian Lanahan and Gary Hirsch will teach how fundamental principles behind effective stories can inform work on brand identity, design, and user experience.

Information about each of the above offerings can be found on the DUX 2005 website.

(Thanks especially to Rakhi Rajani, DUX 2005 Program Co-Chair, for her work pulling together this stellar tutorial lineup.)